And one more thing… First Aid Kit medication

Finally, I am going to talk about what medication I think you should have within your own bespoke first aid kit.

Prescription medication

If you are taking any prescription medication, then this should be at the top of your list. 

Are you taking any strong painkillers related to morphine or codeine? I would say try to get a letter from your Doctor, as regulations in some parts of the world can be very strict for these products. 

For most other medication, you would generally be ok providing you have a copy of your repeat prescription. In addition make sure the medication is in it’s original container with a dispensing label stuck on the pack showing it is for you. You don’t want to be caught off guard here…

With your prescription medication I will tell you one more thing, be sensible, know how long you are going to be away and make sure you have enough to see you though your trip and at least one week afterword.

If you are taking any regular prescription medication, do check if you will be ok to take anything from the list below.

Now for the rest of the meds…

Painkillers – Here you have a few options, most commonly paracetamol and ibuprofen. I’m sure you’ll have your own preference here, definitely do take something. 

Allergy tablets – In other words anti-histamines, such as loratadine. This will come in handy whether you have an allergy to something you’ve eaten, touched, or even an insect bite.

Allergy/bites cream – This is again an anti-histamine but in the cream form. If you have had a bite, then this may in fact be the better option

Antacids – My favourite here is Gaviscon double action, but whether you’ve over-eaten or you’ve gotten a bit too merry the night before, you won’t go wrong with antacids.

Anti-diarrhoea tablets – We’ve all heard of Delhi belly, but this doesn’t just happen in Delhi, it can happen anywhere, so to prevent yourself from being caught out, take some loperamide with you.

Anti-diarrhoea antibiotics – Now one thing that you may not be aware of, you can actually buy antibiotics from traveller’s diarrhoea, but there’s a catch. There are specific pharmacies that operate a scheme where if you meet certain criteria then you can buy a course of antibiotics in anticipation of having diarrhoea on your travels, this is worth looking into.

Anti-malaria tablets – Hopefully you’ve checked if you need these for your next trip, you don’t need to go to the Doctor to get these any more, a large number of pharmacies do travel clinics to much it much easier to get a hold of these.

Mosquito repellent – Even if malaria isn’t an issue at your destination, you may still need mosquito repellent. In today’s world Zika is the big one that everyone is talking about and is an example of other diseases carried by mosquitos, so beware! When buying mosquito repellent, ensure you go for something with at least 50% DEET, a good example is Jungle Formula. If, however you don’t want to use DEET based products, there are natural alternatives, such as Incognito, I would suggest do your research before buying.

Sunscreen – Now you may think this is no biggie, but sunscreen is very important, whether you plan to do sunbathing or just go outside in a sunny climate. With a sunscreen make sure it’s something that has a 5* rating and has an SPF of at least 30.

Do you normally take anything else with you? I’d love to hear about it…

First Aid Kit? Oh yes there’s more… Keep reading!

In my last post I spoke about what ready-made First Aid kits commonly contain.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of buying ready-made First Aid kits as I feel there is a lot in there that I, as the average traveller do not need/use.

Here is a list of the items that I feel are essentials as part of a home-made First Aid kit.

Plasters/Band-aids – Yes number 1 on the list, in various shapes and sizes, you never know when you will need these, so it’s best to have at least a small number.

Sterile dressing – This is for the extra cautious traveller, maybe bring the odd one or two only, unless you’re planning to take part in some seriously hazardous work.

Micropore tape – To accompany the dressing

Scissors – In case you need to cut the dressing to size.

Bandage – Again for the more cautious traveller, a just in case item,

Safety pins – These can be used for fastening the bandage in place or even for various other problems, for example, a wardrobe malfunction, if you found yourself in the position where you ripped something, a safety pin can be a good short-term solution.

Antiseptic wipes/gel – It’s up to you what you prefer but you should have at least one or the other.

Condoms – Before you tell me this is not something to put in a first aid kit, we are talking about health and safety, and we want to make sure you are safe in all definitions of the word during your holiday. Don’t forget these.

These items are just some of the essentials, you may have others too but hold up, there’s still more. In my next post I will be talking about the medication that you should keep with you in your First Aid Kit.

What do I need with me on my next adventure?

This question isn’t aimed at you “frequent flyers”, I know you will be able to answer this question in a flash. This question is for the rest of us who go on our adventures once in a blue moon, ok maybe twice…

So tell me something, how many times do you find yourself in this position? You’ve decided on a destination, you’ve managed to book time off work and you’ve booked your flights. Then comes the hard bit, trying to put pen to paper (or finger to tablet/phone) to jot down the A, B, C and all the rest of the essentials that you plan to fill into your backpack… no wait your suitcase… hang on hang on, I’ll come back to this point. So yeah, don’t you wish you had a ready made list so you knew you weren’t forgetting anything?

Worry not, I have the answer, well, maybe not the only answer but an answer.

While preparing for my last trip I had the same thought going through my head, as until recently I would go on holidays very infrequently, so by the time my next holiday arrived, I’d forgotten what I’d taken with me on the previous trip.

I set up this spreadsheet with four columns (yes a bit OTT I know, but it does do the job). So my four sections are clothes, accessories, documents, and electronics. Now before I go any further I have to say sorry girls, if you’re hoping for a ready made packing list I’ll have to disappoint you. I’ve made this list for myself and being a guy there may be things that I have not got on this list that you would like to have with you…